Miguel Siso – Identidad

Starting the mix of the last track of the album “Identidad” by the cuatrista and composer Miguel Siso, accompanied by excellent musicians and with a very international Venezuelan air. Recorded by my pupil Kevin Brito, under the vigil of Jean Sanchez in AudioPlace, is a fresh work for the times we live. His “Triple Cuatro” gives us some new sonorities…

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Rafael Pollo Brito – Manzanero

Last week I gave Jesus Jiménez, for the mastering, the mixes I made of more than 20 songs from Rafael Pollo Brito’s album, simply called MANZANERO. This collection of songs by the Mexican composer is performed by an excellent group of musicians including Alberto Lazo on piano, Gerardo Chacón on bass, Chipi Chacón on trumpet, Pollo Brito on cuatro, Morocho…

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Already in the final stage of the mix of the Oniric Suite of the composer, singer and Brazilian pianist Rafael Martini interpreted by his Sextet and the Venezuelan Symphonic Orchestra, directed by Osvaldo Ferreira and produced by Hildemaro Alvarez. The recording was in charge of Vladimir Quintero and Alonso Lacruz. It is really a privilege to work something so complex…

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The mixes have already been delivered to Jesús Jiménez to master the album “Encuentro” by THAIS, produced by guitarist Jonathan Roo and recorded by Copo Altuve and Franklin Goussot. A very homogeneous work that will surely create a lot of comments.

Juan Castro Ortiz & Venezuelan Symphonic Orch

Yesterday I delivered to Jesús Jiménez to Master the mixes of the record of the Ecuadorian pianist Juan Castro Ortiz and the Venezuelan Symphonic Orchestra that was produced by the Venezuelan musician Hildemaro Alvarez. The symphonic part was recorded with Javier Casas and Alonso Lacruz at the Emil Friedman School and then David Perez (Rock & Folk) and Ricardo Martinez…

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“Hablemos Audio” Mix Workshop 2nd Edition

At the request of many people who could not participate in the first Hablemos Audio Mix Workshop, which we did in March, a second edition will be repeated on May 14 and 15 at 360 Studios in Caracas.  

New Page!

Welcome to my new page! With a lot of work and love, we renewed my website to improve its functionality and comfort.   I hope you like it.


Today reviewing the Master in charge of Jesús Jiménez from the record of the Venezuelan singer and actress Suki, produced by Adrian Van Woerkom and that I had the pleasure and privilege of mixing. Participate musicians of the likes of bassist Oscar Fanegas, drummer Adolfo Herrera, guitarists Hugo Fuguet and Juan Angel Esquivel, the choirs of Maribel Vila and Leonor…

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