CROSSTALK No. 006: “The bag”

Each profession has its particularities and could be determined by the contents of the purse, fanny pack, koala, backpack or briefcase of each of its representatives. In our case, thanks to technology, many items in that bag have been reduced, others have disappeared and new ones have emerged. Surely some will match my list, others will not, but I find it interesting to share the evolution of its content either for studio or live.


1. Of course, we should start with the basic paper and pen to write down the list of channels, which the businessman did not send to the sound company.

2. The tirro that was replaced by the electric white or yellow tape, since the glue does not stain the equipment. Despite the fact that the manufacturers of digital consoles make it easier for us to name the channels, seeing them written in large format still seems practical. Followed by the markers that now come in smaller size so we can have several different colors. One scale meter or measure tape, to get the measurements of the positions of microphones and instruments at the studio.

3. A pendrive to save the setting of the console or, in case of study, a portable hard drive to backup the recording.

4. The iPod with our respective sound reference in .wav and the stereo miniplug cable to RCA with its adapters to plug, to connect at least to a direct box to need canon connection.

5. The iRig, which has saved my life more than once when I do not have the effects I need and so I have a small arsenal of emergency effects with Amplitube on a little cable.

6. In-ear phones to listen the instruments in PFL, or in case of needing them in the studio.

7. The iPad has more and more utilities, from using it to do spectral analysis, to the list of songs or to control the console remotely. And in the studio he is the perfect assistant to take pictures of the microphone, to take control of the recording, even for someone to surf the internet and get some lyrics that he did not bring.

8. Although today’s cell phones bring a flashlight, I always charge a separate one because the console lamp does not always work, to give a typical example.

9. The cell phone charger and other devices, one does not know how much you will need to use the equipment.

10. Chewing gum to keep the breath fresh and clean our teeth after a meal.

11. Various pills, for allergies, flu and stomach, you never know.

12. A good portion of chocolate to share, is the best unifier in a studio and can calm the anguish of having some failure in production. Particularly, I recommend those who come with rice, because while cocoa relaxes our stomachs, rice sticks and makes the necessary balance.

NOTE: Due to Bin Laden, the multi-tools were left out of the list …

The content of my bag