New Caracas – NOS is release

This October 5th, almost as a birthday present, finally came out on the street, internet, and other media, the NOS Album of the new formation led by the Venezuelan musician/guitarist New York-based Luis D’Elias, New Caracas. I had the privilege of mixing this album that is co-produced by the Argentinian Emilio Miler and contains an extraordinary palette of instrumental and sung songs performed by Evan Waaramaa (piano and keyboards) PJ Duffy (bass and double bass), Brendan Pajak (drums and cajón), Leonor Falcón (violin), Agustín Uruburu (cello), Kate Amrine (trumpet and flugelhorn), Emma Reber (French horn), Zac Zinger (flute, bansuri and alto saxophone) Shelley Washington (flute and saxophone baritone), Mike Livingston (clarinet ), Josh Plotner (bassoon), Chuito Quintero (udu). The voices of Luz Pinos, Andrea Tierra, Alea, J. Hoard, Nella, and Madám gave life to some lyrics mostly in Spanish. The mastering was in charge of the always faithful Jesus Jimenez. I hope you like this job as much as we do.

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